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After several years of running a successful campground, my husband and I decided it was time to sell and move on to the next adventure. Our campground was well maintained but I wondered if a few improvements would get us a better price when selling our campground.

We started preparing the campground for sale early; about a year before we were ready to put it on the market to be exact. We thought it would take this much time to do some improvements to the infrastructure as well as put the word out that we were interested in selling.

The first thing we did was turn our attention to the grounds. We fixed a few ruts in the campgroundā€™s main road and made sure all the campsites were cleared and easy to access. We also spruced up the picnic and pool area with new furniture and paint. Another big maintenance project we tackled was adding on to the shower and restroom facilities. This was a major expense but I thought it was a good idea and would allow us to charge more for the campground.

After tackling these renovations, I was unsure what else we could do to increase the sale price when it dawned on me that having regular campers might increase interest in our campground. I reached out to local scout troupes and outdoor clubs and soon, I had a few contracts for groups of regular campers.

When it finally came time to put the campground on the market, we asked a regional campground association for an appraisal of our campground. Not only was the appraisal much higher than I thought it would be, the improvements we made also increased our star-rating which in turn increased the sale price of our campground.

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April 14th, 2014 at 10:29 pm

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